Supported codecs and required settings

The supported codecs on our systems are:

Audio (external connections): G.711a / G.711u / G.729
Audio (internal connections): G.711a / G.711u / G.729 / G.726(RFC) / G.722 / G.723 / GSM
Video (internal connections): H.261 / H.263 / H.263 enhanced / H.264

Always check the codecs in the equipment and in the server and be sure they are equal. 

Other important settings for audio:  
-  Reinvite ON

Other settings the have effects on calls:

  • Anonymous calls (calling without CallerID):   Do not send CallerID on public calls  ON
  • CallerID on transfered calls:  Preserve CallerID on transfered calls ON
Do NOT set the Send SIP  P-asserted-Identity header.   Leave it OFF!


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